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Signing up for the Do Not Call Registry is a total waste of time and effort. I even left messages about the constant solicitors on their site. Energy, home improvement, and carpet cleaner calls are endless.

How To Track A Cell Phone Location For Free

These robocallers and also live people call at lunch, dinner time, and about 7 pm. Unfortunately there is no caller ID number on who is calling when you answer the phone. The phone company passes the buck and tells you to sign up on Do Not Call.

No detailed Call/Text with Cricket. Any app available to do so?

However, when you sign up with a reputable online site for a merchandise sale, if you do not fill in your phone number you cannot go to the next step in ordering. Phone numbers are required entries. So you are stuck with giving out your phone number. Whenever a phone number is demanded on a site I deliberately sign up for, I simply use a phone number I had like 20 years ago.

This rarely fails to go through. It does piss me off to no end that websites ask for your snail mail address when all you want to do is receive some online newsletter. I would prefer to forego receiving something of relatively little value than to hand out this much personal information all the time.

This much is free; I think it costs money if you want to use it to create fake phone numbers. The Automatic Number Identification data mininig thing mentioned in number 5 above is really creepy.

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This sort of thing should be illegal and it should be easier to block such things from a non-smartphone cell phone. Now I almost never answer the cell phone because I only use it for emergencies anyway. But then, I always hated the telephone. My entire working life was retail sales. The telephone made me lots of money over the years but when I finished work I rarely used my phone at home. I paid a small fee every month for almost 40 years to keep my number unlisted.

I now have, for a home phone, a magicJack connected to my computer. Any call I get is shown on my TV screen. One click on the interface on screen and the phone stops ringing and my peace and privacy is maintained. I signed up for a Google Voice account and use it for store loyalty cards, contests, and anything requiring you to provide a telephone number.

I also always make up a fake email address for websites, especially those that require you provide one before you can even see what they have. Most never require you to verify email so I just make up anything since they have no way of immediately figuring out its fake, and most of the time it is naughty and includes a suggestion about what they can do.

Use your computer and a browser login. Just my opinion but our privacy is too important to throw away just to save a few bucks on a pack of toilet paper! I could be missing out on the greatest toilet paper available in this country. You never know. I had the same opinion as you once. Sad to say, I could have received a free pack of black padded socks.

Number Deactivation and the Recycled Phone Number Dilemma

These are the same kind of socks that those fellows up at the TSA use—the guys at the airports? I mean those TSA guys, not me. But I was too concerned about my privacy. Not anymore though. I talked to one guy for about 2 hours almost, and he finally just got to be all rude and such, and started yelling at me, can you believe it? We were having a nice conversation, too!

Do they still call them that—you know, dates? It increase junk calls ten fold! People do you want a free solution the only one you should be using? Login online on the computer to your phone providers website.

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They have a place where you can block numbers. This blocking solution provided by your phone service is free of charge! From Josh Kirschner on November 26, :: pm. Check out Tom May on Youtube. Oh he exacts sweet revenge on the poor unsuspecting telemarketer. It will give you some very evil ideas. Some telemarketers literally get their call lists from the Fo Not Call Registry.

There is a current horrible crime where seniors are called by a Robo call telling them their Social Security number and account is being cancelled and an arrest wRrent is being issued. They are using a variety of and numbers. They are getting their call lists from the Do Not Call Regustry. From Josh Kirschner on November 06, :: pm.

I find it highly unlikely that scammers would choose to go that path when they have robodialers that can automatically dial much bigger lists of number from other sources, or simply dial EVERY possible number, since the cost of doing so is so low. The fact that am or number shows up means nothing.

Scammers routinely spoof numbers to give the appearance they are calling from someone who they are not. From Jeffrey Deutsch on July 01, :: pm. Excellent reminder that most of us could stand to tighten up our personal information safety practices.

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And with regard to apps, thank you also for the reminder to check app permissions. Yes exactly this. I have been receiving several calls and text messages per week for a Mark.

source link I do not even know anyone by that name. It turns out he probably used my number as a false number to sign up on websites. Thinking he made up the number but it turned out to be mine. So even if you do protect yourself by not filling out any forms you still might be a victim. From Josh Kirschner on July 01, :: pm. The thing I would like very much to see is call blocking on my cell phone.

The ability to block entire area codes and individual exchanges would put an end to many of these calls. I just broke down and replaced my old Note 2 in November yes, it was old and the biggest thing I miss is the Hiya app for that old phone. How nice of them. You have to include the one in front of the number if it shows in the caller ID. Used to be a really good app until the age of call spoofing but following patterns with call prefix filter combined with Jolly Roger Telephone Company really check it out because this is my secret weapon I finally have my unwanted calls under control even though I was a victim on my last number and this number started out with a mess of these idiots as soon as it was given to me.

From Jeffrey Deutsch on July 15, :: pm. Not only in the US, but also here in Europe we are experiencing this problem. In the past I worked for a b2c call center,where it was common practice to get private phone numbers from various sources, such as debt collectors, enquiries, phone companies etc. I have been looking for work for quite a while. Many companies no longer accept applications and require workers to apply online.

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This is because the human resources gods in control of our lives are unable and unwilling to lift a piece of paper. They only know how to use the technology that workers build. They are in control of whether we get to work or not though so they think they are more intelligent than us. Usually they require a phone number and email address for contact info when a job application is being submitted. I have filled out about fourty of these online applications within the past 6 months.

I have not been contacted about any jobs, but have recieved about 60 calls from telemarketers and hundreds of spam emails. I am 45 yrs. It is painfully obvious to me that internet and social media and the misuse of it by the lazy, greedy, arrogant rulers of the working class citizens of society is the number one factor that will destroy this nation and eventually the world. Technology is wonderful, but we create it and build it and those that only know how to use it become arrogant and greedy and lack the true intelligence needed to better the world.

They spend all day looking at a computer sreen or smartphone and think they are intillectually superior to the person who used his hands to build that computer, smartphone, house,car,office,road,airplane,television, and everything else. They lure me in with hope of a job then sell my contact info to a telemarketer.

I will starve. I have a magicJack and have been using it now for about 5 years. The magicJack people have your number for ID and billing purposes only.