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Indexes sometimes have spelling or other errors, often reflecting an error in the original document. Untick the 'exact matches' box and look for different spellings, places or time periods. People often contact us about errors they believe they have found.

The Society will receive advice of suspected errors, and we may be able to correct index errors in the future, where we can access the original source document. Please send error reports to the webmaster or our research co-ordinator. Be persistent and try different ways of searching.

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If your efforts don't help your research, or you still face a brick wall, you could always consider a Genealogy SA Research Request. Online Database Search. This site provides details of all births, deaths and marriages electronically registered in Local Governments Registration units where SEVANA application software of Information Kerala Mission is being used uninterruptedly for registering these events. Details of births, deaths and marriages that are registered and recorded in writing will not be available in this site unless that are digitised and ported in the electronic register after verification of the officials.

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For any corrections in the entries of the electronic register, please contact the Registrar of the respective Registration unit Local Government. Online Birth and Death certificates are permitted as valid document for all official purposes as per G.

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