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This sub-series consists of homestead claims. These records document the claimant, date of claim and description of the property. These homesteads were declared under the "Act to exempt the homestead and other property from forced sale in certain cases," of This means that if the head of household obtains debt after the claiming of the homestead, creditors could not force the sale of the homestead to settle the debt. These volumes record people who have abandoned their homestead claims.

Each entry lists the owners, a description of the property they are abandoning, and the date. These claims were most likely abandoned due to moving to a new home.


A homestead claim could only be declared on one home. Each entry lists debtor, creditor, amount of judgment, where recovered Superior Court, Municipal Court, Small Claims, etc. These volumes index attachments, certificates of sale, Lis Pendens, judgments, and executions. Each entry includes when filed, defendant, plaintiff, instrument, book and page. This sub-series consists of entries that include tax year, to whom assessed, to whom sold, and where recorded.

When a property owner was delinquent on their taxes, the property was sold through a tax sale. These volumes index estates being distributed by court order. Each entry includes name of deceased, administrator, distributees, date of decree, court issuing decree, and where decree recorded. These decrees are found in the deed books. These volumes provide an index to federal tax liens by property owner name. Each entry includes Recorder's number, name of property owner, address, collector's number, date and time of filing, amounts of tax and penalty, date of discharge, and Recorder's number of discharge.

Volume provides index to holder of mining locations. Each entry includes name of person, date of location, date location recorded, description of location, and book and page where recorded.

Each entry includes name of mortgagee, mortgagor, date of mortgage, where recorded, and when discharged. This volume appears to be similar to the General Index, but it is not a part of that sub-series. Each entry includes the date, mortgagee, mortgagor, book and page. This volume indexes deeds, mortgages, releases, chattel mortgages, etc.

This sub-series consists of Reconveyance records, which document the reconveyance of property titles from trustees to trustors. These volumes record leased property. Each entry names the lessee and lessor, a description of the property, the length of the lease, the amount of rent to be paid, and any obligations of the renter to the property. Each volume contains listings of lawsuits affecting title to real property. Each entry includes names of parties, court in which action was heard, nature of the lawsuit, and property affected.

Arrangement is chronological by date Lis Pendens notice was recorded. Note that early entries provide means of partially reconstructing docket of District Court. This sub-series consists of Mechanics Liens. These liens were placed against property when property owners failed to pay their contractors. Entries include name of claimant, against whom, and a description of the claim. This sub-series consists of mortgages recorded in the County from to The mortgages are arranged chronologically by the date recorded, and the volumes of mortgages are in two sub-series, the earlier labeled "A" through "Z" and the later numbered.

Volume contains alphabetical index to lawsuits involving title to property. Each entry includes name of plaintiff, name of defendant, when notice was recorded, and volume and page. Volume and page references are to Lis Pendens volumes.

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Volume entries include name of plaintiff, name of defendant, when notice was recorded, and where recorded. This sub-series contains Recorder Official Records, all documents recorded with the County affecting title to real property, from to Documents include deeds of trust, deeds of reconveyance, liens, and agreements to reimburse, among other types. The documents are arranged chronologically by the date recorded.

This sub-series consists mostly of miscellaneous property records. Examples include: options to purchase, mining claims, release of heirs, final destruction of estate, etc.

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Along with the records are other official records such as: honorable discharge records, various military records for men who entered the military during World War I, and labor laws for women and children who worked in fruit processing factories. Each entry includes date, grantor, grantee, instrument e. Each entry includes two names under a "to" column indexing by grantor , and two names under the "from" column indexing grantee.

After each column is a page number. This sub-series consists of patents that record transfer of public lands from either the United States or the State of California to private parties. Volumes A and B include patents for many ranchos and include colorful and intricate maps. Each entry includes the name of the property owner, what act of congress was used to claim the land, a description of the land, the name of the president or governor who approved the transfer of land, and where the patent was recorded. Each entry includes the date, grantee, grantor, lot, block, base line, book and page.

This volume records the estimated amount of money needed to redeem land sold to the state due to delinquent taxes. Volumes contain statements of release of mortgages due to payment. Entries include name of party releasing, name of party being released, date of mortgage and where recorded. These volumes index releases of mortgage. Each entry includes name of the party releasing, name of party being released, date of mortgage and where recorded. Each entry includes the date, the conveyance tax for San Jose, and the conveyance tax for Mountain View.

These records range from to Volume contains statements of separate property not community property held by married women. Each statement includes name of married woman and description of property. Each entry includes name of married women, names of their husbands, nature of instruments recorded, when recorded, and where recorded. This volume records property that was sold to the State due to delinquent taxes, then later auctioned to the general public.

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Each entry records the value of the property, the amount of taxes that were due, the fact that the property was not redeemed within the five year limit that the property was sold to the state, and the name of the person who bought the property at auction. The real estate was sold by the tax collector due to delinquency in payment of taxes. This sub-series consists of trust deeds recorded in the County from to Trust deeds differ from mortgages. In a trust deed the trustee holds the title to the property for trustor until the loan is paid to the beneficiary the lender.

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These volumes records mortgages that have not yet been paid off. Volume 1 lists the mortgagee, mortgagor, amount, when due, residence of mortgagee, where recorded and remarks. Often the remarks notes if the mortgage has been satisfied. Volumes G and F lists book and page, mortgagor or debtor, mortgagee or creditor, if transferred, date, time to run, original value, partial payments, present value, description of property, city or town lots and remarks.

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Remarks often list if the mortgage has been satisfied. Volumes 2 and E are blank. This volume records mortgages not yet satisfied as of March 7, Entries include mortgagor, mortgagee, book of record, date of mortgage, time to run, original value, current value, description of property, lot block, range, and number of acres.