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Was renovation considered before the plan to build a new courthouse was decided on? The two downtown facilities have many other functional, efficiency, and security challenges. Among other responsibilities, the council—through its Capital Program office—is responsible for planning, acquisition, design, renovation, and construction of court facilities. The new courthouse will be owned by the judicial branch. The Project Advisory Group is the main source of ongoing community input to the project.

Members include:. In addition, the California Environmental Quality Act process enabled the public to review and comment on the environmental report before it was finalized. What will happen to the current courthouse when the new courthouse is completed? The County owns the current courthouse and administrative annex. It plans to demolish the two facilities, and given the funding, build an extensive plaza on the current site with eventual underground parking. In business for more than years, Turner Construction has completed numerous public and private construction projects throughout the country and around the world.

The CMAR method entails a commitment to deliver the project within a guaranteed maximum price. The CMAR is retained early in the project for preconstruction services. Following a competitive bid for all subcontractors and the approval to award, the CMAR becomes the general contractor for the project. For this competitive selection, council staff conducted interviews with several qualified firms, from which Turner Construction was selected.

This schedule is subject to change. What are the Judicial Council's policies with regard to local hiring and purchasing during design and construction?

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How will members of the public find out about these opportunities? Once bonds are sold for this project and it is ready to be put out to bid, the construction manager at risk will become the general contractor on the project. Prior to the project going into construction, the contractor will conduct an outreach to local subcontractors, ensuring that qualified local firms are fully aware of the bidding opportunity, process, and timeline.

All qualified subcontractors, lower-tier subcontractors, and suppliers will be considered. Why does the Judicial Council decide where the new court is built?

Why isn't this a county decision? Historically, trial courts functioned largely as county departments, but that changed in , with passage of the Trial Court Facilities Act. This law made the State of California responsible for court facilities statewide, rather than the counties. The law gave the Judicial Council responsibility for facilities owned or occupied by the courts and made it responsible for operations, maintenance, and repairs, as well as site acquisition, planning, design, and construction of capital projects that replace or renovate courthouses.

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Council staff work closely with each affected Superior Court and justice agency stakeholders throughout the process of replacing or renovating courthouses. By Rules of Court, staff involve the public primarily through the Project Advisory Group, although depending on the needs of the project, public input may be sought at various stages.

In July, , a scoping meeting was held for the public to review and comment on the initial environmental study. After receiving public comments on both documents, council staff completed a Final EIR, which included stakeholder comments, council staff responses to comments, changes to the environmental impact report, and other information.

The building will be designed with great attention to sustainability. Energy-efficiency features include advanced conservation methods in heating and cooling and state-of-the-art artificial lighting and plumbing, as well as natural light throughout the building and specially treated window glass to mitigate heat gain. Green Building Council. The funds come from statewide increases in court user fees, authorized by the Trial Court Facilities Act of This bill approved the issuance of lease-revenue bonds to fund this project, to be repaid by court fees, penalties, and assessments.

Bonds were sold for this project in the fall of Judicial Council staff develop each project budget by first determining the building size, site size, and number of parking spaces. Then it provides this information to a professional cost estimating firm that creates a hard construction cost for the building and site work.

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