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You can find out here. And yes, you can find Britney Spears in this database.

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For some Ohio marriage records by county see Vermont Birth and Marriage Records at Ancestry these require payment Virginia Birth Records Index, and Delayed Birth Records, includes digitized images of the birth certificates for , plus some prior to ; the early birth records in this database pre are delayed birth records that were recorded later Virginia Marriage Records Index, includes images of the marriage records for Virginia Divorce Records Index, includes images of the divorce records for Virginia Marriage Records, scanned searchable book that lists some early Virginia marriages Library of Virginia Marriage Records Indexes coverage varies; not all cities and counties included Washington West Virginia Vital Records and Indexes includes births, deaths and marriages; coverage varies by county Wisconsin Wisconsin Marriage Index, requires payment Wisconsin Birth Index, requires payment most entries are from ; coverage varies by county Wisconsin Marriages, requires payment most entries are from ; coverage varies by county The above 3 indexes are included in a subscription at Ancestry Wisconsin Pre Vital Records Index covers to September 30, most entries date from ; includes some entries prior to Milwaukee County Marriage Certificates Milwaukee County Marriage Records index only Wyoming Citizens Born or Married in Foreign Countries More Online Databases German Roots Main Page.

Online Genealogy Records. Census Records. Military Records German Research Guide. The death index is simply an index of names of individuals who have died and it may contain a date of death and death certificate number. The NJ State Archives has released years , but no records are available after that. Please note we are not seeking death certificates, just a death index.

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More recent years may exist as electronic data and, if it exists in that form, then we seek that electronic data. This was a far cry from their attitude a year ago when genealogist Alec Ferretti tried to get a copy of the very same death index from the New Jersey Department of Health on his own. Why, we have rules about mortality data, and privacy!

https://tamnetheccia.tk So very many rules! Well, this is why Reclaim The Records is constantly fundraising so that we can hire attorneys — because while the various state Freedom of Information laws are supposed to treat all citizens fairly, in practice it seems that the citizens with attorneys get treated just a little better. Funny how that works, right?

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We were able to get all of the New Jersey death index records for about half of , all of , and then from to ! The files prior to are available in PDF format, each of them scanned images of typeset pages and old dot-matrix printouts.

And the newer files from are in two text spreadsheet. But come on, who wants to sit and tediously search through spreadsheets?

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  7. Your one-stop shop for everything you ever wanted to know about the New Jersey Death Index, with a searchable database of over 1. So, just to be clear, the following years of the New Jersey death index are still missing at the moment : , half of , and So we at Reclaim The Records have reached out to the awesome and helpful people at the New Jersey State Archives in Trenton , and it seems likely that we may be able to get some of the missing years of data from them , although maybe just the early years.

    But that would still leave as missing any index at all. Quite a lot!

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