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Thread starter rescuecomm Start date Mar 17, Status Not open for further replies. Is the Direct Talk format on mhz just digital or is it spread spectrum too? If I use them on a Carribean cruise in multiple countries, could I be breaking some laws? Joined Jan 18, Messages Location Land of mixed mode digital comms. The question about using them on a cruise ship in international waters is a good one.

I have heard this asked by amny people and I do not recall one set answer. I do want to say this: while they are in the ISM band for operation, based on the United States FCC freqeuncy assignment sometimes it is different in international waters. I am not sure if you have any SIM cards or maybe they did come with the phones. You should check with them.

How does the walkie-talkie feature on a Nextel phone work?

From other persons using only the Direct Talk feature, you are correct in that a Sim card is required to get to the selection screen. I have the sim cards for the radios. The info on the transmission mode being FHSS makes the cruise ships and Carribean use easier on the mind. The fact the the Nextels are pretty much considered cell phones is a good thing. I actually made one of the long distance 4 mile?

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It was only later that I realized that we were probably doing something illegal. Thanks, Bob. Joined Jan 13, Messages 0. Just slip em into the phone and you can actually program your Direct Talk private phone number to anything you want. Just edit the phone number in the main menu, turn the phone off then back on and your ready.

Nextel Direct Talk - What is it & how does it work

I got about a 3 mile range with Direct Talk and it works pretty well. I also like how its digital and not analog like FRS. No activation is required, although a Sim card is required to get to the screen to go to Direct Talk. N2DLX Member.

iDEN - Wikipedia

I think you just need a Nextel SIM card. Doesn't need activation, but it does have to be an old Nextel card. You can't take a SIM card from another provider and expect it to work. As for how to get one, I'd look on eBay or ask around. A lot of people remove them when they sell phones online because they're afraid of personal data being recovered including phone numbers.

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So perhaps you can find 'em there anyway -- but most phones probably lack them so don't go buying a cheap phone online expecting one to be in it. I had a discussion with someone a while back on the topic and looked into getting some old phones off eBay to mess with, and SIM cards came up. I scrapped the idea when I heard how limited the DT system is.

It would have been nothing more than another toy for me, but I wouldn't get any actual use from it. Rich has a lot of radio gear from what I percieve so he has considerable two way capability compared to the rest of us.. Used sim cards can be found for much less. The cards come in 32K, 64K, and K flavors, so be sure which one your particular iden phone requires. I bought four K sims for the five i's and plan to get one Boost sim and activation to check them out.

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I also have five 4 watt UHF handhelds for serious communications, but have a need for some less visible two way stuff for the mall and the beach. Regarding the legality, the following is from the nextel site: International service.

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In addition to the U. Denne kommentar stammer fra Googles produktforum. Send feedback om Google Voice. GV not forwarding to both my cell phones simultaneously Nextel and iPhone. However, when I have it forward to both cell phones, it rings both cell phones fine, but the voice mail is my Nextel Blackberry only.

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  4. No VM is ever left at GV. I have tried Sprint, but the codes I enter do not work. Does anyone know how to activate voicemail on a Nextel Blackberry? Thanks for the fast response.