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One of the most common reasons people find themselves subjected to an arrest warrant is for a failure to pay court-ordered child support. Other causes could be a failure to pay fines or other court costs. If someone has taken out a restraining order against you and they report you for violating it, a court could put out an order for your arrest. If there is evidence that you have violated one of these terms, a court may order the police to arrest you.

A warrant must be supported by probable cause, which means evidence that shows that there is a reasonable likelihood that you committed the offense. This evidence could be the testimony of the police, or a sworn affidavit from any person with knowledge of your actions. You still benefit from all the rights afforded to criminally accused people, and you can successfully fight the charges with the help of a Columbus defense lawyer.

You may be able to avoid law enforcement for some time, but eventually they will catch up with you. The longer you wait, the worse it will be for your case. You outstanding arrest warrant will show up in background checks if you seek a job. You cannot outrun an outstanding warrant, so the best choice you have is to call a criminal defense lawyer. Criminal cases are often won or lost in the initial stages of the justice process, so the sooner a lawyer can begin acting in your defense, the better for your case.

I want to thank Mr. Bowen and all the attorneys that helped me with this case. Other issues with warrants that can make arrests improper and evidence inadmissible include the following:. If you think a warrant has been issued or executed against you or your property improperly, contact a defense lawyer at Leist Warner through this website or by calling for a no-cost case evaluation.

You have a limited amount of time to ask a judge to reconsider whether sufficient probable cause exists to justify a search or arrest. More time is permitted to compare the types of evidence collected and retained against the terms of a search warrant, but an improper arrest needs to get corrected quickly to prevent having that incident cause serious problems for your family and employment.

Lifting a Columbus arrest warrant that never should have been granted can make it easier to return to your normal life.

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Recently, I was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The charges were unfounded and in my opinion my rights were violated. Darrin represented me in my trial and brought to bear his considerable energy, in-depth preparation, compassion and expertise on my behalf. It appeared to be a long shot, but against all odds he was able to persuade the jury to render a verdict of not guilty! I highly recommend anyone who gets into a legal bind to reach out to Darrin. The legal system is daunting to the average small business owner.

I would highly recommend my attorney Patrick Warner. Trust is not given, it is earned. And Mr. Warner has proven over many years that he is absolutely worthy of my trust.

An Experienced Columbus Defense Attorney

He was able negotiate an out of court settlement that was better than expected, and was very well prepared to present my case had we gone to court. Pat is not the stereotypical attorney.

He listens very well and communicated very well with me on my level throughout the entire process. I would not hesitate to have Pat represent me again and I would highly recommend him to anyone! Pat is an extremely intelligent, personable, and competent attorney who genuinely cares about his clients. I had never been in trouble with the law before so the very first time I spoke to Darrin, he put my mind at ease and was extremely helpful and supportive from that moment on. Darrin answered my questions clearly and always kept me updated with what was going on in my case.

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I was terrified I was going to do jail time but Darrin did everything he could to keep that from happening. My case ended up having a good outcome.

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I highly recommend this great attorney! Darrin's representation ensured that I would make it through this unfortunate chapter without a worry! Christina N. Christopher J. Sean M. Seth A. Leslie A Yeakel. Lauren K. Marty A.

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