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There are a number of reasons why it can be very unwise to give your cherished baby or much-loved pet away for free.

Rehoming your pet responsibly and humanely

Puppies and dogs can and do end up becoming bait for or used to train fighting dogs. They won't tell you this, and often present themselves as a "good" home, bringing family and telling you how great the animal will be treated. These pets are then found on FB or Craigslist the next day for sale at an inflated price, with the flipper not caring at all who buys the pet.

These poor creatures lead a miserable, loveless life in a cage without any vet care, as the owners seek to make as much profit from them as possible. Looking to adopt a bird, fish, reptile or barnyard animal? Learn more about hypoallergenic dogs, small dog breeds, hairless dogs, and the best dogs for kids. Also, view the most common cat breeds and find the right cat for you.

Take great photos and videos

End-user authentication and the ability to submit an a pet adoption inquiry form. First, make it so you can search for multiple things instead of one option. For example, instead of just large dogs, you can click large and medium sized dogs. And same with the age option. Second, if a dog is adopted, it should be updated immediately and the dog taken off the site.

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What to do when you need to rehome your pet?

Having a dog up for adoption on a site when it already has a home can cause a problem. Also, put more in for a dogs personality. It would make the app easier to use. I once had a simple happy life, perusing through a plethora of good boys in any spare time I have. Pet finder was my most used social media app.

Animal Control hours

But this was all changed with this atrocity of an update that is discriminative against those individuals using an iphone 6 or less. So imagine this - you search for dogs within your area, scroll a bit, find one youd like to inquire more about. You click, scroll through the pics, imagine how great your life would be with said dog, sigh and hit the back arrow to look at more dogs.

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